Amazing results I would have never expected.

My hair looks more full now and I have much more confidence. I've had 2 sessions each was a couple of hours. Not painful and I have no complaints


Should have done it years ago.

I was going to get a hair transplant and I found HeadPower at the last minute. I have new hairline and look 15 years younger.


a great experience and would recommend smp to anyone losing hair.

I was skeptical at first and thought that it would be like an actual tattoo, but I was wrong. It looks real and completely different from the tattoos on my arm. each dot they made looks like a real hair follicle.


No more uncle Baldie for me.

My nieces and nephews used to call me Uncle baldie before the Scalp Micropigmentation, now i'm going to need a new nick name


My hair is more dense and full and the bald spot is almost gone.

I had a smp hair density treatment, and my hair looks dense and full. The procedure was performed by Dr. Grant, and she was wonderful. I have one more session left


Worked great for me.

Thanks for everything headpower. it looks good all the time, i've got no regrets and would recommend this to anyone who is going bald.

 Victor Charrich

Their Training Program Taught Me everything I needed to know.

I was considering taking an online program but I kept seeing Headpower everywhere so I looked into them and found out that they were one of the best scalp micropigmentation programs available. Im glad i took their program and I would recommend them to anyone

 Nancy V. Fleming

Looks natural even up close.

The treatment was done by Jay 8 months ago and it is still fresh and natural looking. The color did not fade and I would recommend this treatment to anyone